Sept 4        Riddles (Spagnoli, Halpern,ben Izzy, Ferlatte)
Sept 11      Spooky American Histories (Sandra MacLees, Lyn Ford)
Sept 18      Two American Spookies (James McCarthy & Leslie Kline)
Sept 25      Weird Kids (Dannells, Lyn Ford, McCarthy)

Oct 2         Glen Grant Tribute (Kapanui, Bradajo,'Tita' Kathy Collins)
Oct 9         Two Spooky Changing Women (Lopaka Kapanui, Gere)
Oct 16       Living Beyond The Grave (Katy Rydell, MacLees, Chung)
Oct 23       Kahuna 'Ana 'Ana ('Tita", Gere, Marie Solomon)
Oct 30       Exorcism (Achilles Gacis, Jeff Gere)

Nov 6        Death Hawaii (Solomon,MacLees,Bradajo,Gere,Pennybacker)
Nov 13      Hawaii Now w/Warts (Willy K,Kealoha,Kapanui,Lum,Kwon)
Nov 20      Tagawa Tales (by Linda Tagawa told by Alton Chung & Gere)
Nov 27      2 Chinese Immigrants (Nyla Ching-Fujii, Brenda Wong-Aoki)


Week of Sept. 4           RIDDLES

Student Trick (1:52) Cathy Spagnoli from cassett, Tales from Korea for Kids. Cathy tells at the '06 Talk Story Festival. Conversations in Signs (8:36) Ruth Halpern from cassette, She Set Out To Seek Her Fortune. Ruth told at the '99 Talk Story Festival. Korean Riddles (1:06) Cathy Spagnoli from cassette, Tales from Korea for Kids. The King And The Storyteller (5:34) Joel ben Izzy on KITV 4 "The Storytellers" TV Series, 1995 . when he told at the Talk Story Festival. Poor Old Crow (5:01) Diane Ferlatte, from CD, Aesop: Alive & Well. She's toured Hawaii's public libraries repeatedly. Korean Proverbs (1:10) Cathy Spagnoli from cassette, Tales from Korea for Kids. Smell of Bread (3:26) Joel ben Izzy from KITV 4 "The Storytellers" TV Series, 1995.

MUSIC: Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Suso, Arab Women Lament, music for play The Screens by Jean Genet. Korean Music (from Cathy Spagnoli cassette). Adeline Orchestra , Jewish folk music from Joel ben Izzy CD, The Green Hand

Week of Sept. 11         SPOOKY AMERICAN HISTORIES
General Molton: Abigail (6:24) & The Devil (5:51) Sandra MacLees, from Volcano, at Talk Story Festival '02 (Spookies). Basement Slave Skeleton (10:08), The Slave Ghost (4:29) Lyn Ford, guest from Ohio at the Talk Story Festival '05 (private recording).

MUSIC: Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Suso, The French Lieutenant's Dream , music for The Screens by Jean Genet . The Yucca Mountain Boys, The Devil's Gate . Sweet Honey In The Rock, Guide Me Oh Thy Great Jehovah , CD In This Land .


Week of Sept. 18          McCARTHY SPOOKIES

Fiddler's Rock (18:59) James McCarthy (telling &guitar) with Leslie Kline (violin), private recording preparing for Talk Story Festival '05. They play in the popular punk Irish band Doolin' Rakes all over Honolulu often. The Blackbird Express (7:25) James McCarthy's original tale at the Talk Story Festival in 1995.

MUSIC: James McCarthy, Shtor Mi Chroi (acapella), Emerald Shores CD. Nearer To Me (instrumental), Flyin Singin CD . James McCarthy & Leslie Kline, Fiddler's Rock instrumental , private recording.


Week of Sept. 25         WEIRD KIDS

Mrs Brown (5:41) and Mary Stella (7:12) Lyn Ford at Talk Story Festival '05, when she visited from Ohio. Ron (2:52) Vernyce Dannells at Talk Story Festival '03. Lady Of The Lake (10:41) James McCarthy at Talk Story Fest. '03.

MUSIC: . Phillip Johnston Hymn Of The Souls Who Are Passing from CD, Music For Films. Morphine , Buena , Cure For Pain CD.


Week of Oct. 2            GLEN GRANT TRIBUTE

Tusitala Tribute to Glen Grant (1:27) Jeff Gere at Talk Story Fest. '03 . Funeral (1:59) Bradajo on CD, Supernatural Tales in Pidgin. Morgan's Corner (6:42) Lopaka Kapanui, private recording. To join Lopaka on his Oahu Ghost Bus Tour call (808)676-9722x25. Hauula (1:54) Bradajo on CD, Supernatural Tales in Pidgin. Nod to Glen Grant (0:37) 'Tita' Kathy Collins, Mokapu Picture Bride Tale (11:55) 'Tita Kathy Collins at Talk Story Festival '03 and on CD, Tita Out. Mokuleia (2:20) Bradajo on CD, Supernatural Tales in Pidgin.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath, Nightmarcher's Bed , created for Talk Story Radio . Aynur, Mad Swirls ,Turkish Diva on CD Aynur.


Week of   Oct. 9           SPOOKY CHANGING WOMEN

Renton Road Rental (8:25) Lopaka Kapanui, private recording session. Lopaka gives Oahu's Haunted Bus Tours (808)676-9722x25. Cat Woman (16:46) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (keyboard)(Oct. '05) at Casanova's Bar (Makawao) for Mana'o Radio's Upcountry Sunday, a bi-monthly benefit broadadcast live across Maui.

MUSIC: Cranberries , Zombie , Need To Argue CD . Tom Waits Black Market Baby, Mule Variations. Cirque du Soleil, Ovature Mystere CD.


Week of Oct. 16          LIVING BEYOND THE GRAVE

Worm (6:10) Katy Rydell at Maui Arts & Culture's McCoy Theater on '05 Tour. The Weeping Maiden (9:44) Sandra MacLees tells Scottish folktale at the Talk Story Festival '02 (Spookies). Jinkiniki (11:28) Alton Chung at Talk Story Festival '05 (Spookies) , also found on his CD, Obake: Tales of Lafcadio Hearn.

MUSIC: Cranberries , Daffodil Lament , Need to Argue CD Mark Izu , Scattered Scars , Mermaid Meat CD.


Week of   Oct. 23        KAHUNA 'ANA'ANA

Kahuna Ana'Ana & Territorial Take-Over (11:51) 'Tita' Kathy Collins at Talk Story Fest. '05, also on CD, Tita Out Again! Two Tutus (12:13) Jeff Gere from CD, Haunted Hawaii Volume 1. Passing Ike (2:50) Marie Solomon from cassette Tales of Kohala

MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Nightmarchers , composed for Talk Story Radio. Trio: Les Adam, Alana Cini & Sandra Lee Akaka , Spooky Intro Music off CD, Silly N Spooky.


Week of   Oct. 30         EXORCISMS

Sensative (8:30) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (keyboard) and Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion) from CD, Haunted Hawaii Volume 2 (recorded at Maui's Mana'o Radio). Exorchismos (17:54) Achilles Gacis at Talk Story Festival '03 (Spookies) dressed in a Greek Orthodox robe. They first met at this recording and played hearing the tale for the first time.

MUSIC: Phillip Johston, The Clean-Up , from CD, Music for Films


Week of Nov. 6           DEATH IN HAWAII

Auwe! Don't Hammer at Night (3:38) Marie Solomon, Talk Story Festival '00. Death Song (2:43) Sandra MacLees of Volcano at the Talk Story Festival '05 (Food for Thought). Lazerus (5:18) Bradajo from CD, Da Cahpentah. The Story of Moses Kupuka'a (10:34) Jeff Gere at Talk Story Festival '98 (Spookies) as told to him by Grace Kupuka'a. Family Plot (3:46) Robert Pennybacker from CD, Poetry Without A Net with Shoji Ledward, guitar.

MUSIC: Ulalena, Solitude , from CD Ulalena. Cranberries, Daffodil Lament from CD, Need To Argue.


Week of Nov. 13         HAWAII NOW WITH WARTS

Kealoha Bebop with Charlie (1:48 ) Kealoha with Kumu Hula Charles Ka'upu (and Hapa) on Hapa's CD,   Maui. Pagan Tatooed Savage (3:27) Lopaka Kapanui on CD, Poetry Without a Net. Lopaka gives ongoing ghost bus tours of Oahu, (808)676-9722x25. He is accompanied by Shoji Ledward (guitar). Community Aint A Dirty Word (3:07) Brenda Kwon, private recording. Makawao Tita (5:24) musician/wizard Willy K, from CD Tita Out (winner of 2005 Hawaii Music Award, Comedy CD of   Year). YMCA: The Weightroom (12:59) Darrell Lum, founder of Bamboo Ridge Press, at Talk Story Festival '04.

MUSIC: Hapa , off Maui CD.


Week of   Nov. 20        TAGAWA TALES

Three stories written by Linda Tagawa, an intermediate school english teacher whose weekly columns appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser (1996 to 2003). These tellings were all performed at the Talk Story 2004, Tales of Courage. Grandma Fujikawa (8:02) & Hindsight (9:40), Alton Chung. Tu: Three Tales (9:40) Jeff Gere from converstion with Linda.

MUSIC: Mark Izu, Threading Time from CD of that same name.


Week of Nov. 27         TWO CHINESE IMMIGRANTS

The Birth of Monkey & The Life of LoTai (20:19) Nyla Ching-Fujii at the Talk Story Festival, '04 (Courage). Grandpa: A Reflection (6:25) Brenda Wong-Aoki from cassette, Asian Tales. Brenda Wong-Aoki was a guest teller at the Talk Story Festival '96.

MUSIC: Hun Huur Tu, Tibetan Folk Tune , Hun Huur Tu Live CD.  

Mark Izu, Stick Song from CD, Threading Time.

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