Mar 5           Maui (Lucia Jensen)
Mar 12         Kohala's Navigation Heiau (Marie Solomon, Jeff Gere)
Mar 19         Momotaro (Karen Yamamoto-Hackler, Tita Kathy Collins)
Mar 26         Plantation Days (Ching-Fujii, Bill Paty, Barbara Kawakami)

Apr 2           Two Different Heroes (Dan Kelin, Ivan Cayote w/Spencer)
Apr 9           Beautiful Hawaii (Beamer, Kahanu, Gere/Adam, Wasson)
Apr 16         Trees (Milbre Burch, Jeff Gere)
Apr 23         The Sky Is Falling (Boyle, McGee, Ford, Brenda Kwon)
Apr 30         Hawaii's Flowers (Hina Kahanu, Solomon, Nona Beamer)

May 7          Gawain & Ragnell (MacLees/Adam Gere/Adam Cini Akaka
May 14        High School Tellers '06 (4 State HS Storytelling Finalists)
May 21        2 Long Story Tells (Gere, Nyla Ching-Fujii, Cathryn Fairlee)
May 28        Undersea Love (Katy Rydell/Adam, Erica Lann-Clark/Adam)


Week of March 5                     MAUI with LUCIA JENSEN

The Legend of Maui (26:14) Lucia Jensen (Big Islander)at the Talk Story Fest.'98. The full session included 3 songs by Native Tongues (her two sons) and remarks by her husband, sculptor Rocky Jensen.

MUSIC: Ulalena, Migration from CD, Ulalena soundtrack for that wonderful long-running Polynesian Cirque de Soleil dance-drama in Lahaina, Maui.


Week of March 12                  KOHALA'S NAVIGATION HEIAU

The Navigation Heiau in Mahukona (11:47) Marie Solomon at the Talk Story Festival '96. Sonny's Story (7:19) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (tired in his house after a long day of shows). Tahiti & Hawaii (7:07) Marie Solomon at Talk Story Fest. '96.  

MUSIC: Ulalena, Migration from CD, Ulalena soundtrack for that wonderful long-running Polynesian Cirque de Soleil dance-drama in Lahaina, Maui.


Week of March 19                   MOMOTARO

The Two Foolish Cats (4:43) Karen Yamamoto- Hackler at the Talk Story Festival 2005. Momotaro (21:12) 'Tita' Kathy Collins at Talk Story Fest 2005 (Kids). Also found on her CD, What? Again?.

MUSIC: Ulalena, Plantation , Ulalena suoundtrack, Lahaina's long-running Polynesian dance/drama review.


Week of March 26                   PLANTATION DAYS

Grandma & Grandpa Immigration Tale (10:26) Nyla Ching-Fujii from CD, Voices From My Island Home. Mokuleia (2:04) Bill Paty at Talk Story Festival 1998. Busted Furo (1:28) Pat Masumoto at Talk Story 2001 (Adventures). Kamizo & Taga (in (0:18) at Talk Story '04; (10:58) at Talk Story 1996; end (1:15) at Talk   Story '04) Barbara Kawakami, authority on Hawaii Picture Brides.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Hawaiian Bed , created for these shows. Phillip Johnston , Prologue from CD, Music For Films. Hapa , Stars In The Morning from CD, Namehana.


Week of April 2                       TWO DIFFERENT HEROES

Half-Boy Breadfruit (7:15) Dan Kelin III, Education Director for the Honolulu Theater for Youth, at Talk Story Festival '04 (Spooky). It's found in his book, Tales of the Marshall Islands. My Hero (18:26) Ivan Cayote with Richard Spencer (guitar) from CD, Between Two Acts. Ivan is a professional Yukon writer/storyteller alive in Vancouver.

MUSIC: John Zorn, Mood Mondrian, from CD, Filmworks 17 . Lumenz 1, Anti-Superman from his Life Supplementz CD. Afro Celtic Sound System, Dhoi Dogs , from CD, Anatomic.


Week of April 9                       BEAUTIFUL HAWAII

The Beauty of Mauna Kea (5:50) Nona Beamer with Keola Beamer on guitar, from CD, Golden Lehua Tree. Abalone Ritual (2:20) Hina Kahanu at Talk Story Festival 2005. Kealohapau ole (3:05) Kealoha from CD, Kealoha. First Day On The North Shore (6:18) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (piano) from CD, Silly N Spooky. Dance & Cakes in Laie   (9:11) Dawn Wasson at Talk Story Fest. '96.

MUSIC: Ulalena Aurora & Hina , from soundtrack to Lahaina's gorgeous Polynesian show. Ozzy Kotani , Opihi Moemoe (after Chet Atkins) off CD, Paka Ua (Raindrops).


Week of April 16                    TREES

Child Of The Trees (2:37) Hina Kahanu at the Talk Story Festival 2005. The Tree's Wife (13:27) Milbre Burch on CD, Sop Doll. Milbre told in Hawaii's libraries in the 80s before taking off to a nationally prominent career. Guardian Of The Trees (10:24) Jeff Gere at the Talk Story Festival 2000.

MUSIC: Yo Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin, Grace on duet CD, Hush.


Week of April 23                     THE SKY IS FALLING

Rabbit & Lion (5:40) Jack Boyle, Jataka Buddhist teaching tale at the '04 Talk Story Festival (Courage). Perfectly True (5:07) Randel McGee becomes Hans Christian Andersen in 1995 for KITV 4 "The Storytellers" TV Series. Run! (10:43) Lyn Ford (guest teller at the Talk Story Festival 2005 from Ohio) from CD, Rabbit Tales Too. Crack In The Wall (11:02) slam poet Brenda Kwon's personal tale at 2004 Talk Story Festival (Courage). She taught in Korea in 05-06 on a Fulbright Scholarship.

MUSIC: John Butler , Treat Yo Mama , KGSR Broadcasts #13 (compilation).   Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Sasu, Decorating the Dummies , CD of music for play Screens by Jean Genet. Piano pieces from loaned & un-labeled CD. Phillip Johnston, Birds , from CD, Major Repairs Needed .


Week of April 30                     HAWAII'S FLOWERS

Kauna'oa and Puhehue (4:20) and Kalaupapa's Name Story (2:56) Hina Kahanu at Talk Story Festival '04. Ohana (7:36) and Naupaka (5:52) Marie Solomon   for 'The Storytellers' TV series, KITV 4, '95. Pua Polu (5:47) Nona Beamer with Keola Beamer (guitar) found in picture book, Pua Polu.

MUSIC: Ozzy Kotani , Goin Country, from CD, Paka Ua (Raindrops). Hapa , Cavatina , on CD, Namahana. Ulalena , Aurora , from Ulalena soundtrack to the wonderful Polynesian review in Lahaina.


Week of May 7                        GAWAIN &   RAGNELL

This show moves between two 2006 recordings of this famous Arthurian Tale: Sandra MacLees (8:32) told it with Les Adam at the Red Elephant in Honolulu. Jeff Gere (19:37) told the tale with Les Adam, Alana Cini, and Sandra Lee Akaka at Mana'o Radio in Maui. Jeff's version borrows a beginning from Gawain & The Green Night. Please enjoy this contrasting of 2 different styles and variations.

MUSIC: Aynur, Turkish Folk Tune Intro , Aynur CD. Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Suso, Prison Song, soundtrack for Screens, a play by Genet.


Week of May 14                      HIGH SCHOOL TELLERS '06

Rikki Tikki Tembo , Chinese Folktale adapted by Arlene Mosel(7:10) told by Brock Vasconcellos (Kamehameha). Wicked by Gregory McGwire (7:09) Cindy Lanzus (Punahou). Beyond Ohia Valley by Lisa Masumoto (5:52) told by Kawananakoa Saul (Kamehameha). The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch (6:27) told by Kai Morrell (Punahou). Recorded at HPR in May '06.

MUSIC: Ozomatli, Love & Hope , KGSR Broadcast Compilation CD. Dark & Vapor Puppets , Bass Drum Run , The Scheme of Things. Ulalena Polynesian dance/drama review, Aurora , soundtrack CD. Ian Hunter , Wash Us Away . Xavier Rudd , Let Me Be , both from KGSR Broadcast Compilation CD.


Week of May 21                      TWO LONG STORY TELLS

How I Became a Professional Storyteller (2:02) Really! Jeff Gere. Truth & Story   (7:26, air last 1:30) (Jewish folktale) Nyla Ching-Fujii @ TSF 2000 . Kaleonahenahe (9:21) Nyla Ching-Fujii from Voices From My Island Home CD. Tale of the Baal Shem Tov (14:38) Cathryn Fairlee (Northern Calif.) @ TSF '02, from a 1920 Polish translation of the original. The city of Jew-haters is Rome! Yes, she has a cassette, Cathryn Tells All .

MUSIC : Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin , Stars from CD, Hush. Ozzy Kotani , Paka Ua from CD, Paka Ua. Adeline Orchestra , Svaat Music , off Joel Ben Izzy's CD, The Green Hand. Martin Denny , The Queen's Chant , off CD, Exotica II.


Week of May 28                      UNDERSEA LOVE

The Wonderful Tune (10:59) Katy Rydell with Les Adam at end of 2005 tour, at Casanova's Bar (Makawao), part of the 'Upcountry Sunday' series broadcast live (every other Sunday) across Maui on Mana'o Radio. Les had never heard either of these stories- he played as he heard it. WOW! Amina & The King of the Moldau River (15:11) Erica Lann-Clark with Les Adam (improvising on piano) at the Talk Story Festival '06.

MUSIC: B52s, Deep Sleep , from CD, Mesopotamia.

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