Mar 6          Two Miraculous Fish (Bret Fetzer, Alton Chung)
Mar 13        Mermaid Meat (Brenda Wong-Aoki, Mark Izu)
Mar 20        Two Musical Devils (Chartrand/Allen, Gere/Adam, Akaka, Cini)  
Mar 27        Witch Bone Necklace (Johnny Moses, Sandra MacLees)

Apr 3          Embarassing (Williamson, Gere, Malo, Solomon)
Apr 10        Out 'O Gas (Jeff Gere, Margaret MacDonald, Gordon Freitas)
Apr 17        Sweet Earth (Stevens-Newcomb, Novak, Martin, Solomon, Beamer)
Apr 24        Lei & Flowers (Nona Beamer, Marie Solomon, Gere & Les Adam)

May 1          Troubled Earth (Lava Jam Band, MacLees, Wasson, Chock, Martin)
May 8          Peace Tales (Margaret Read MacDonald, Jack Boyle)
May 15        Ready For Bed (Moses, Boyle, Malo, Lloyd, McCarthy)
May 22        Spooky Asian Storybag (Ethnohtec, Alton Chung)
May 29        Kids Fear New Pig Snips (Ethnohtec, Fetzer, Bradajo, MacDonald)


Week of March 6                              TWO MIRACULOUS FISH

Koji, the Priest (10:46, Japanese) Alton Chung, private recording. Alton has performed at Talk Story '04, '05, '06. The Elegant Fish (13:36) very original story by Bret Fetzer from cassette, "Fish & Fables: Fairy Tales". Bret told at the 2001Talk Story Festival while writing his own "Beauty & The Beast" for Honolulu Theater for Youth.

MUSIC: Patty Larkin from Regrooving The Dream CD . Bruce Cockburn , Deep Lake from Instrumentals CD.


Week of March 13                            MERMAID MEAT

Mirror And Illusion (7:18) Brenda Wong-Aoki tells this Korean tale on her cassette, Dreams and Illusions, Tales of the Pacific Rim. Mermaid Meat (20:50 from 24 minute version) Brenda Wong-Aoki on CD, Mermaid Meat. She is accompanied on both cuts by jazz musician Mark Izu, and on Mermaid Meat by Gagaku master Suenobu Togi. They toured Mermaid Meat in Hawaii in March, 2006. She told at the '95 Talk Story Festival.

MUSIC: Mark Izu, Amaturasu , from Threading Time CD


Week of March 20                            TWO MUSICAL DEVILS

The Magic Fiddle (13:44) Yvon Chartrand & Sheila Allan (violin), from the awesome double CD, How Music Came Into The World, produced by the Vancouver Storytelling Society & Canadian Broadcasting Corporation . A Beauty, A Devil, and A Shepherd (original recording 23:00) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (keyboard), Alana Cini (didgeridoo) & Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion) from CD, Rank Devil Mountain. Recorded at Maui's Mana'o Radio by Barry Shannon.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath, (our favorite Girla), Bop Bop Bed for Talk Story Radio .


Week of March 27                             WITCH'S BONE NECKLACE

The Necklace Story (12:14) Johnny Moses from cassette, Native American Bedtime Stories for Adults. Yolanda (12:25) Sandra MacLees at Talk Story Fest. '04 (Spookies). Opening Quote (1:30) from website, Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett.  

MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Spooky Bed private recording. Dr. John , from Creole Moon CD.


Week of April 3                                EMBARRASSING TALES

All these tellings were given at the Talk Story Festival 2000 (Embarrassing Tales). Electric Fence , (4:48) Keven Williamson. I Fell Off My Porch , (2:07) Jeff Gere. Inca Poops on the Carpet , (2:34) Jeff Gere. Topless , (2:57) Makia Malo. To Tell in Tennessee , (3:45) Kupuna (Elder) Marie Solomon of Kohala. Marie and the Mayor of Santa Clarita , (1:44) Jeff Gere. Dad and the Snake , (7:28) Keven Williamson.

MUSIC: Hapa , He'eia , Namehana CD . Friends Of The Bride , Patches , Shivaree CD.


Week of April 10                              OUT 'O GAS

Out 'O Gas (21:21) Jeff Gere's personal tale at Talk Story Fetival '05 and Voice of Labor TV show with Stuart McKinley (10/05). Alaska Music Therapy (1:06) Gordon Freitas at Talk Story Fest. '04 (Sweet & Sour Love). Yaahow! (3:25) Margaret Read MacDonald at Talk Story Festival '03 (Peace).

MUSIC: Music From Homemade Instruments, Morning Town Ride , Pick of the Litter CD. HPR (KIPO) listeners hear only Jeff Gere's tell to accommodate its pledge drive (955-8821).


Week of April 17                              SWEET EARTH

Lucia Zenteno (6:33) Barbara Stevens- Newcomb of Eugene, Oregon from CD, Daughters of Ishi-Shini, adapted from a pre-Incan tale from Southern Peru. World Puzzle (1:59) David Novak (guest at Talk Story Fetival '90) from cassette, Little Yellow Jellow Fellow. The Way (5:11) Rafe Martin (guest at Talk Story Festival '90) from cassette, Animal Dreaming. Healing Aunt Phoebe (4:40) Marie Solomon from cassette, Tales of Kohala, roughly recorded from talk story sessions at the Kohala Estates through mid 1980s. The Golden Lehua Tree (6:30) Nona Beamer (Tusitala Award, 2005)

MUSIC: Keola Beamer from that CD. Also Aynur , the Turkish Diva, Aynur CD.


Week of April 24                             TROUBLED EARTH   

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (1:52) Big Island's Lava Jam Band, from CD In The Beginning. Arasychthean (7:25) Sandra MacLees, solo recording. Land Steal (3:33) & Land is My God (1:20) Dawn Wasson at Talk Story Festival '96. Dinosaur Parable (3:17) Yona Chock at Talk Story Festival '05 (Kids) told as she made paper cut-outs. Cows (9:13) Rafe Martin from cassette Animal Dreaming (guest teller at Talk Story Festival 1990).

MUSIC:   Iceland's Sigur Ros with a moody track, Lava Jam Band   anthem Reduce, Reuse, Recycle , from In The Beginning CD.


Week of May 1                                 LEI & FLOWERS  

Naupaka (4:39) Nona Beamer with Keola Beamer (guitar) from CD, Golden Lehua Tree. Story Lei with Scolding (3:39) Marie Solomon at Talk Story Fest. '01 (Kids); Leis and   Festival Kiss (3:08) Marie Solomon at Talk Story '00; Hat Lei (3:51) Marie Solomon with insert, My Brother (3:49 ); Naupaka (7:49) Marie Solomon at Talk Story Fest. '01; Lei Queen Contest (8:10) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (keyboard, private recording).

MUSIC: Kelli Heath, (our favorite Girla), Hawaiian Bed   , private recording. Hapa , Cavatina from Namahana CD.


Week of May 8                                 PEACE TALES with MacDONALD

All these tales are found in Margaret Read MacDonald's book, Peace Tales. They were performed at the Talk Story Festival, 2003. Little Sparrow (5:21), Blindman (2:53), Yaahow! (3:25) told by Margaret Read MacDonald. Intro: W.H Auden poem (1:08), Strength (6:02), and The War Between the Sandpipers and The Whales (6:29) told by Jack Boyle of Kohala, who uses these stories in classrooms to inspire peaceful children.

MUSIC:   Ziggy Marley , High Vibration off Spirit of Music CD. Kelli Heath, (our favorite Girla), Original Compositions for Talk Story Radio


Week of May 15                               READY FOR BED

Bear And Ant (6:26) traditional NW Coast tale told untraditionally by Johnny Moses on KITV4 (1995) "The Storytellers" Series. Marina In the Wash Me Sea (1:31) original poem & tell by Big Islander Jack Boyle, private recording (and following poems). The Bottle Story (5:02)   Makia Malo's personal tale from cassette, Tales From A Hawaiian Boyhood Volume 2.   Johnny Jump-Up (1:35) Jack Boyle. Baby Song of the Four Winds (1:28)   Angela Lloyd (guest at 1997 Talk Story Festival) recites Carl Sandburg's poem from CD, Sandburg Out Loud, with Bill Harley on ukulele. The Yawn (2:45) Jack Boyle. Deep Sleep Brother (1:58) James McCarthy at 2000 TSF. Bye 'm Bye (1:35) Angela Lloyd, Carol Birch, and Bill Harley from CD, Sandburg Out Loud.

MUSIC: Dana Kurtz , Postcards from Downtown CD, Elliot Goldenthal , Frieda Soundtrack. Bonnie Prince Billy , Master And Everyone CD, Seina Nordstrum , Little Star . 


Week of May 22                               SPOOKY ASIAN STORYBAG

Story Bag & Dirty Ball (15:45) Ethnohtec from cassette, Tales of Terror. Weaving Woman (10:00, Japanese folktale) Alton Chung, private recording. Story Bag Closes (0:48) Ethnohtec from cassette, Tales of Terror. Ethnohtec   is Robert Kikuchi- Yngojo and Nancy Wang. They've come to Hawaii many times to eat malasadas.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath, (our favorite Girla), Spooky Bed & Bop Bop Bed for Talk Story Radio


Week of May 29                               KIDS FEAR NEW PIG SNIPS

New Ghost (6:12) (China) by Ethnohtec from cassette, Tales of Terror. What's In Mom's Bedroom (1:32) by Shane Wilson-South from Hokulani Elementary, '97. The Romantic Pig (6:37) by Bret Fetzer at Talk Story Festival '01 (Kids). Play Frankenstein (0:59) by Bradajo at Talk Story Festival '02 (Spookies). Snip Snip (6:45, Virginia folktale) Margaret Read MacDonald at the Talk Story Festival '03.

MUSIC: Kelly Heath , Spooky Bed , private recording for Talk Story Radio. Tom Waits, What's He Building In There? from CD, Mule Variations.

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