Jun 5          Sssnakes! (Lyn Ford, Sandra MacLees, Jim Lewis)
Jun 12        Hawaiian Legends (Marie Solomon) Re-airing
Jun 19        Holua Sledding (Ching-Fujii, Tita, Makia Malo) Re-airing
Jun 26        Pele: Mother & Father's Tale (Fujii, Solomon, Gere) Re-airing    

July 3         Makia Malo for Kids (Makia Malo)
July 10       Silly Tales: Kids In Hawaii (Jeff Gere with Les Adam's piano)
July 17       Two Chinese Heroes (Melanie Ray & Qiu Xia Hu, Spagnoli)
July 24       The Sky is Falling (Jack Boyle, Lyn Ford, Brenda Kwon)
July 3l        Gross! (James McCarthy, Katy Rydell, Makia Malo, Jeff Gere)

Aug 7         Clever Jackie (Lyn Ford, Helen Topham)   
Aug 14       Favorites (Geisler, 'Tita' Collins, Solomon, MacLees, Malo)
Aug 21       Farts! (Moses, Yamanaki, Malo, Mita, Gere)
Aug 28       Tongan Epic: Maui Kisikisi   (all Emil Wolfgramm)


Week of June 5                                   SSssNAKE!

Watch Out! Sssnake! (11:39) Lyn Ford from CD, Papa God's Gift : African-American Creation Tales. Lyn was a guest teller at the 2005 Talk Story Festival. The Pet Rattler (5:26) Big Island's Sandra MacLees, private recording. Rattler Skeeters (4:09) Jim Lewis (guest teller at '94 & '95 TSF) from CD, Campfire Stories from Gold Arrow Camp. Uncle Herman & The Snake (4:29) Jim Lewis @KITV 4 in 1995 for The Storytellers Series.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Bop Bop Bed for Talk Story Radio. African Head Charge, Animal Law , CD In Pursuit of Shashamane Land .


Week of June 12                             HAWAIIAN LEGENDS- SOLOMON

(Re-aired) Kihapiilani (4:15) at 2000 Talk Story Festival. Kapunohu (7:04) at 2001 Talk Story Festival. Battle of Kohala (8:18) and Aku Tale from her cassette, Tales of Kohala (recorded at the Kohala Ranch Talk Story Sessions, 1989-90).

MUSIC: Kelli Heath Hawaiian Theme , created for this show.          


Week of June 19                                  HOLUA SLEDDING

(Re-aired) Kahawale & Pele (7:45) (Hawaiian) adapted & told by Nyla Ching-Fujii from CD, Voices from My Island Home | Kahawale & Pele (9:40) adapted & told by "Tita" Cathy Collins @ TSF '03 (also on CD, Tita Out!).   Sledding On Punchbowl (9:01) personal childhood tale by Makia Malo from cassette, Tales from a Hawaiian Boyhood Volume 1. Makia was a Regional Teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee, 1995.

MUSIC: Makana, San Souci, & Jacked Up Slack , from CD Makana. Willie Porter, Roadbone, from CD High Wire Live.


Week of June 26                                PELE: MOTHER & FATHER'S TALES

(Re-aired) Pele Comes to Hawaii (2:58) Nyla Ching-Fujii with guitarist Jeff Babb from CD, Voices From My Island Home. Pele & Kamapua'a (4:39) Marie Solomon at 2001 Talk Story Festival (Adventures). Pele: Mother's Tale (8:00), Father's Tale (10:41) Jeff Gere from CD, Haunted Hawaii Volume 1.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Original Compositions for Talk Story Radio.


Week of July 3                                  MAKIA MALO ON MALO

Makia Malo's commentaries on his life in Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa Intro (1:38) from Tales from a Hawaiian Boyhood Volume 1. Kalaupapa Orphan (2:43) private taping. Donkey (11:37) and Katie's Store (4:27) at Talk Story Festival 03.

MUSIC: Kelli Heath, Original Compositions , for Talk Story Radio.


Week of July 10                                  SILLY & SPOOKY- JEFF GERE

Opening/Teeth (1:11), Zipper Hero (5:27), Dapper Dan (8:59), Get On The Bus (11:55). All tales told by Jeff Gere, accompanied brilliantly by Les Adam at Rainbow Acres in Makawao. All found (with several funny spooky tales kids told Jeff) on CD, Silly 'N Spooky: Tales of   Kids in Hawaii.

MUSIC: Laughter (1:00) children at tell.


Week of July 17                                   TWO CHINESE HEROES

Pipa Ji (15:53) Melanie Ray with Qiu Xia He on Pipa lute from wonderful double CD, How Music Came Into the World, produced by the Vancouver Storytelling Society and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Zhuang Brocade (10:07) Kathy Spagnoli (of Seattle islands, guest at Talk Story Fetival in 2006) from cassette, Journey to the East.

MUSIC: Aynur (Turkish Diva), 3 Pipa Ji Instrumentals off Spagnoli cassette. Mark Izu , Stick Song , from CD, Threading Time.


Week of July 24                                   MAKIA MALO FOR KIDS

Here are humorous personal tales by Kalaupapa's storyteller, Makia Malo. Your Side, My Side (12:01) from Tales from a Hawaiian Boyhood, Vol. 2 The Rooster (6:06) from Volume 1 The Picnic (8:48) from cassette, Tales from A Hawaiian Boyhood, Vol. 1;  

MUSIC: Hapa , Twinkletoes , from Maui CD. Friends Of The Bride , Patches , Shivaree CD.


Week of July 31                                  GROSS!

Lukie (9:41) James McCarthy tells his original fable with Jeff Gere's help. Melodious & Fragrant (5:38) Katy Rydell collects fart stories (a book one day). This traditional Japanese tale was told at Casanova's Bar (Makawao, Maui) with Les Adam on keyboard. Recorded by Mana'o Radio. The Eye (11:43) Makia Malo from private recording. Spooky-Funny- Sad (0:20) Jeff Gere (as taught by Katy Rydell).

MUSIC: Tom Waits , Black Market Baby (instrumental middle) from CD, Mule Variations. Friends of the Bride, Cat Came Back (kazoo instrumental by Derek Ferar) from CD, Rucus in Cabin 54. Morphine, Buena (intro and instrumental middle) from CD, Cure for Pain


Week of Aug 7                                  CLEVER JACKIE

Lazy Jack (4:06) Helen Topham in 1995 for the KITV4 The Storytellers TV show. Clever Jackie (24:04) Lyn Ford tells this hilarious African-American version at Talk Story Festival '05. Lyn is a nationally prominent teller from Ohio. She return in 2007.

MUSIC: Xavier Rudd, Let Me Be , from KGSR Broadcasts #13 (Compilation). Skippy Guitar from David Novak's cassette, Little Yello Jello Fello. Sweet Honey In The Rock Give Your Hand To Struggle , from cassette, In This Land.


Week of Aug 14                                  FAVORITES

Talk Story Radio celebrates 1 year (53 weekly shows) with these picks: Here I Am (2:57) Selah Geisler, Honolulu Slam poet from private recording. Pele Comes to Hawaii (7:17) 'Tita' Kathy Collins at Talk Story Fest. '04. Japanese Love Story (6:01) Marie Solomon at Talk Story Fest. '01. Birthing Stone (4:00) Sandra MacLees from cassette, Pieces Of My Life, Waiting On the Will o God (2:06) private recording. Katie's Store (4:27) Makia Malo at the Talk Story Festival '03. Short Tale(1:00) Jeff Gere on CD, Silly 'N Spooky.

MUSIC: Hapa, He'eia from CD, Namahana. Bjork, Frosti , from CD, Vespertine . Kelli Heath, Nightmarchers & Hawaiian Bed , created for Talk Story Radio. Kelli was the co-creator of Talk Story Festival. Kelli also created the Intro Music behind Jeff Gere's poem. She engineered Talk Story Radio programs for most of this year. Big Mahalo. Adam, Cini, Akaka , Spooky Music, intro to Aiea heiau off CD, Silly N Spooky. Jack Johnson, Good People , from KSGR Broadcasts #13 (compilation CD).  


Week of Aug 21                                  FARTS

Coyote and the Assholes (7:50) Johnny Moses on cassette, Native American Bedtime Tales for Adults. Whoopie Cushion Tale , (0:44) Jason Yamaki, Hokulani El. 3 rd grader (in 1997). Gone With the Wind , (5:55) Makia Malo at Talk Story Festival 2000. Another Whoopie Cushion Tale , (1:05) Jonathan Mita, Hokulani El. 3 rd grader ('97).

Secret Weapon (9:22) Jeff Gere off CD, Silly N Spooky: Kid Kind Tales. MUSIC: Kelli Heath , Farts (for this show). Bob Schneider, Round & Round from CD, Lonelyland. Bena Vista Social Club , La Vereda from CD Buena Vista Social Club. Tom Waits, Low Side of the Road (instrumental), Mule Variations CD. Friends of The Bride , Cat Came Back (Derek Ferar cazoo instrumental), Rucus in Cabin 53 CD.  


Week of Aug 28                                  TONGAN MAUI- WOLFGRAMM

Maui Kisikisi (26:35, from the full 45 minute tell) Emil Wolfgramm at the Talk Story Festival 2002, one of several Mauis in the Tongan Epic Cycle. Emil Wolfgramm is Tonga's foremost authority. His life-work is their translation into English.

MUSIC:   Ulalena Ensemble , No Matua , Ulalena CD.

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