Dec 4           Picture Brides (Barbara Kawakami)
Dec 11         Ka Olili 1 (The Shimmering) (Keola Beamer)
Dec 18         Ka Olili 2 (The Shimmering) (Keola Beamer)
Dec 25         Christmas Again! (Novak, Lloyd, Tita, Lann-Clark, Rydell)

Jan 1            New Year Creation (Geisler, Silva, Claflin, Michael Katz)
Jan 8            Tall Tales (Jim Lewis, Will Hornyak, James McCarthy)
Jan 15          Selkies (Daniel Stokes/ Becky Smith, Lloyd, Kaneakoa-Basso)
Jan 22          Honu Tales (Cajueiro, Spagnoli, Gere, Makia Malo)
Jan 29          Storytelling Mix (Wolfgramm, Solomon, Yamamoto-Hackler,                    Lloyd,Wasson, Ben Izzy, Chung, MacLees)

Feb 5           Other Kinds Of Loves (Malo, Bruce Smith, Ivan Cayote)
Feb 12         Love is Sacrifice (Kelin, Horniak, Chung)
Feb 19         Old Age (Stevens-Newcomb, Tita, MacLees, Saijo, Spagnoli)
Feb 26         Death Intntnl (Lloyd, Wong-Aoki, Lumenz1, Izzy, MacLees)


Week of Dec. 4            PICTURE BRIDES- KAWAKAMI

Barbara Kawakami interviewed the last of the picture brides before their passing. She has told their tales at the Talk Story Festivals in '96 and '04. Barbara's Story (4:22), Kana's Tale (3:55) with the drunk husband, Tatsuno Ogawa (10:05) life in Pupukea, Ushi of Okinawa (8:14).

MUSIC: Mark Izu , Scattered Scars , from Threading Time CD. Mark Izu , Return To The Valley , from CD, Mermaid Meat.


Week Dec. 11 & 18     KA 'OLILI by KEOLA BEAMER

Ka 'Olili: The Shimmering (2 Shows)   Keola Beamer's reads his story found in his wonderful book of this name on a CD! It entwines modern and mythic Hawaii's (Pele & Kamapua'a). It is the only Talk Story Radio show devoting two shows to a written story...and absolutely worth sharing!

MUSIC: Keola Beamer (of course).


Week of Dec. 25         CHRISTMAS AGAIN ?!

Rudolph's Light (6:27) David Novak, Little Yello Jello Fello cassette. Music Box Duet (2:04) Angela Lloyd, CD Dreams And Other Realities. Night B'foah Christmas .(3:17) 'Tita' Kathy Collins, private recording. The Parakeet Story (6:34) Erica Lann-Clark, private recording. Christmas in Billings, Montana (7:48) Katy Rydell at Talk Story Festival '05.

MUSIC: Cranberries , The Icicle Melts , from CD, Need To Argue. Bjork, Unison and Frosti from CD, Vespertine.


Week of Jan. 1            NEW YEAR: CREATION

Here I Am (2:57) Selah Geisler (private recording ). Izanami & Izanagi (2:53) Nyla Ching-Fujii, from CD, Voices From My Island Home. Papa & Wakea (6:03) Carol Silva at Talk Story Festival '96. Big Bad Pig (4:10) Willy Claflin, on CD, Maynard the Moose Tales. Brother Sun, Brother Moon (8:18) Michael Katz, off CD, Far Away & Close to Home.

MUSIC: Hun Huur Tu , Prayer to Ancestors , Live CD. Jane Sibury , In the Beginning of Time from CD, When I Was A Boy. Cirque du Soleil , Ovature to Mystere CD.


Week of Jan. 8           TALL TALES

The Flying Bear (8:33) Jim Lewis from CD, Campfire Stories   From Golden Arrow Camp. Jim performed at Talk Story '95 & '96. The Walking Steelhead (8:58) Will Hornyak from CD, River Heroes, commissioned by Portland City to raise awareness of river ecology.   How Rattlesnake Got Fangs (2:51) Jim Lewis from CD, Campfire Tales From Gold Arrow Camp. Hoop Snake Tall Tale (5:41) James McCarthy, private session for Talk Story Festival '05.

MUSIC: John Butler , Treat Your Mama , KGSR Broadcasts V compilation CD. Phillip Johnston , Carmen Robs The Bank , Music For Films CD. Yucca Mountain Boys , Take Me Back , James Brown . I Got You (I Feel Good) from Best of Brown CD.       


Week of Jan. 15          SELKIES

Selkie Maiden (15:27) Daniel Stokes with Becky Smith at Talk Story Festival 2003. The Princess & The Sea Bear (6:00) Angela Lloyd from CD, Dreams And Other Realities. Angela told at the Talk Story Festival in 1997. The Shark Lover (5:11) Hanna Kaneakoa-Basso at Talk Story 1990.

MUSIC: Phillip Glass with Foday Musa Saso, French Lieutenant's Dream , from CD, The Screens (Jean Genet play). Ulalena, Migration , Ulalena CD. Bjork, Unison , CD Vespertine.


Week of Jan. 22          HONU TALES

Honu Rap (1:56) by Brazilian Honolulu slam poet Eric 'Caju' Cajueiro at Talk Story Festival 05. Two Brothers (7:55) Cathy Spagnoli from cassette, Tales of Korea for Kids. Honu Tale (8:11) Jeff Gere with Les Adam (keyboard), Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion), Alana Cini (didgeridoo) at Maui Arts & Culture, McCoy Theater '05,   on a future CD, Haunted Hawaii Volume 4. Aloha Turtle (9:00) Makia Malo from cassette, Tales of a Hawaiian Boyhood, volume 2.

MUSIC: B52s , Deep Sleep , Mesopotamia CD. Mark Izu , Kuan Yin Processional , Mermaid Meat CD. Ozzie Kotani , Napili Chimes , Paka Ua CD.


Week of Jan. 29          STORYTELLING MIX

Tongan Story Greeting (3:07) Emil Wolfgramm at Talk Story '02. Grandpa Sets the Stage (1:11) Marie Solomon, Tales of Kohala cassette. Japanese Meaning of Storytelling (1:31) Karen Hackler at Talk Story '00. Little Girl, Be Careful What You Say (0:58) Angela Lloyd, Carol Birch, Bill Harley recite Carl Sandburg poem on Sandburg Out Loud CD. Who Your Teachers Are (1:54) Puanani Burgess at Talk Story '00. My First Kupuna (4:43) Dawn Wasson at Talk Story '96. The Nursing Home (2:57) Joel Ben Izzy on Buried Treasure CD. Mom's Lei (1:31) Alton Chung at Talk Story '04. Shaharazad (7:08) Sandra MacLees at Talk Story '01. Tongan Story Ending (0:44) Emil Wolfgramm at Talk Story '02.

MUSIC: Thomas Newman , Any Other Name , and Dead Already from American Beauty soundtrack. Tilela , Nocturnal Ritual , from Hookah Café Compilation CD.


Week of Feb. 5             HUMOROUS RELIGIOUS STORIES

King of the Frogs (8:00) Sandra MacLees in private recording during Talk Story Festival '04. Waiting On the Will O God (1:56) Sandra MacLees at Talk Story Fest.'99. The Goat That Found Paradise (15:17) Erika Lann-Clark from cassette by that name. Erika told at the Talk Story Festival 2006.  

MUSIC: B52s, Throw That Beat In The Garbage , Mesopotamia CD. Mark Izu, Stick Song.


Week of Feb. 5            OTHER KINDS OF LOVE

I Never Said I Love You (9:15) Makia Malo at Talk Story Festival '04 (Courage). The Most Love I Ever Felt (7:13) Bruce Smith on cassette, True Stories Not Everyone Believes, who gave the tape to Jeff Gere in a Seattle park. I Like To Wear Dresses (10:20) Ivan Cayote with Veda Hille (piano, organ, voice) from One Trick Rodeo CD.

MUSIC: Bruce Cockburn, Isn't That What Friends Are For?, Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu CD. Thomas Newman, Any Other Name , American Beauty Soundtrack. Ulalena, Solitude , off the CD Ulalena, that gorgeous Polynesian dance/theater Spectacular in Lahaina.  


Week of Feb. 12          LOVE IS SACRIFICE

I'm Hungry! (8:44) Dan Kelin at Talk Story Festival '03, tale from Marshall Islands. Yakama Salmon & Rattlesnake (9:15) Will Hornyak from his River Heroes CD. The Pheasant's Bell (7:51) Alton Chung with Les Adam (piano) from CD, Spiderweaver & Other Asian Folktales, recorded at''Upcountry Sunday' by Mana'o Radio.

MUSIC: Ulalena, Soltide , Ulalena soundtrack CD (to gorgeous Polynesian show on Maui). Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Suso , Prison Song , music for play Screens by Jean Genet. Aynur , Aynur CD (the Turkish Diva). Cranberries , Daffodil Lament (end), Need to Argue CD.


Week of Feb. 19          OLD AGE

Lonely Winter Lady (5:09) Barbara Stevens-Newcomb, Daughters of Ishi-shini CD. Disability Proof (2:07) 'Tita" Kathy Collins at Red Elephant (Honolulu) with Les Adam on piano. My Grandmother (11:18) Sandra MacLees of cassette, Pieces Of My Heart. Numbnuts (2:01) Albert Saijo from CD, Jan Ken Po. The Abandoned Wise Old Man (6:31) Kathy Spagnoli from cassette, Tales of Korea.

MUSIC: Dorothy Betz & Les Adam , Ride On (unreleased CD). Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso , Prison Song and Land Of the Dead , CD of music for the Jean Genet play, Screens.


Week of Feb. 26          DEATH   INTERNATIONAL

The Junk Man (0:54) poem by Carl Sandburg told by Angela Lloyd from CD, Sandburg Out Loud. Monkey Defeats Death (10:40) Brenda Wong-Aoki from CD, Asian Tales. Mortuary Rhyme (3:23) by Lumenz 1, from CD Life Supplementz. King Solomon and Death (2:37) Joel Ben Izzy from CD, The Green Hand. Setna and Sa-Osiris (8:09) Sandra MacLees in private recording. MUSIC: Sweet Honey In The Rock, When I Die , from CD, In This Land. Tom Waits, Take It With Me from CD, Mule Variations Aynuur , Aynur CD (the Turkish Diva)

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